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Globcal International Network

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This website uses an XML version sitemap that is generally hidden from browsers, to facilitate browsing here is a list of some of our principle and key website pages that use JSON-LD and/or Microdata markup.

Pages listed below here are special pages to make this Creative Work compliant with the internationally recognized taxonomy.


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The Globcal International (Globcal e³ Network) is comprised of a multitude of Web Sites that are cooperatively belong to and are managed by our organization on the server or as part of our blockchain and cloud services provided by Google.

The assets expressed online within the Globcal International network are made public for the benefit of our own members, cooperators and stakeholders engaged together under private international law. All 'Users' of our network public and private are responsible to understand our terms and conditions, based upon this agreement we grant a license to use and interact with our services.

Web Sites in the Globcal e³ Network (gTLD)s

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