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Non-State Network Server

Codename namazon the 'Non-State Network Server' gets its name for its location in the Northern Amazon foothills of the Guiana Highlands, if you holler "namazon" in the jungles of our region the reply you will hear is the sound made by the guacharaca bird, which frequently call to one another each morning across the expanses of forest "namazon-namazon."

This server and the data located here is mirrored to the cloud and blockchain through updates we make weekly. These HTML pages are presented online for informational purposes, to demonstrate best practices, transparency and for verification of ICT networks; they are not intended for particularly for public use, intrepidty or linking; page visitors are welcome to use and review the model pages to satisfy curiosity or better understand the Internet.

The WebSites and Creative Works presented on our server are geographically originated from within the legal territorial jurisdiction of a non-state earthship under Ekobius established in the Piaroa Indigenous Tribal Territory of the Indigenous State of the Amazon (Estado Indigena de Amazonas). This server is not subject to the laws of nations, states or local governments through its voluntary non-state, non-government and legal status as politically neutral civil society and observer registered with the United Nations.

Globcal International Semantic Web 3.0

The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. Semantic objects are intentionally or purposefully connected to the Internet for security or increased functionality. Semantic objects may include things like televisions, refrigerators, cars, they can be places, or can be people themselves.

Our network is a Wide Area Network (WAN) of interconnected private cooperative users and owners, we maintain an intranet and simultaneous extranet. Our collective network of users, places, pages, products and things forms our "real world" understanding and value as a private cooperative institution that is a non-state entity.

Our "enterprise" is subscribed to G-Suite where we utilize Google's paid professional services to promote universally accepted best practices and take advantage of their proven and popular technologies. Some members are administrators, some are subjects of WebSites, some are cooperators and others are engaged in our platform as regular users. This server acts as a bridge between our organization and a mirror of our own reality, just good proven technologies - well used.

Open-Source Internet Services

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Certified Semantic Web & Social Media Provider

This 'website' is developed in accordance with international policy governing the Internet, online users, and policies governing different platforms since January 2017; our WebSite presence is being developed to meet and exceed specifications and conform with best practices for web development and presentation. Every effort has being taken to enrich pages with RDF data, follow guidelines, and entail the use of rich snippets. Our pages are developed using HTML5, CSS3, MathML 3.0, JSON-LD, META and are marked-up with Structured Microdata. Pages are parsed in SGML and checked to earn the validation badges cited in the page footer. Each page is an object.

The Semantic Web and its use in the social media network platforms is an emerging reality as art, photographs, collections and text are embedded, shared and when tagged correctly result in a very personal relationship with users and the Internet (a social reality). The combination of all the elemental programing and identification of resources give us the Internet of the future, Web 3.0.

Reliable Infrastructure

Our Internet Services are provided exclusively to cooperative members (non-state citizens) working with Globcal International and its affiliated programs. We do not provide Internet services to persons or companies that do not belong to our extended network of users.

This website incorporates the use of Bootlint on GitHub, Google's Angular, Twitter's Bootstrap, and other code licensed under an MIT-style License with documentation licensed under CC BY 4.0. This site is registered with Google Analytics, Microsoft's Bing, Yandex and verified as a business within Google+. We are a member user of Getty Images, Cision, LexisNexis and other premium services.

The sitemap XML files are submitted routinely for network members.

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Limitations and Jurisdiction

All of the activities conducted within our network is between associates, friends and members of the same organization, all business between members is nongovernmental and exempt from foreign, state or third-party jurisdiction or oversight except by treaty or understanding.

Hosted news, nntp, telnet, info, data, hub, hit, dig, meta, ftp, http, https, wiki, pubsubhubbub, protocol services

This is a web server, news server, app server, cloud engine, and active Internet host directory set-up to create coherence among our partners and their various online property via social and public protocols.

This hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) webserver root provides specific non-profit organizations and private individuals affiliated with various international non-governmental organizations RDFa, CCS3, and HTML5 verified registry data and source code data online. This is not a website, but rather a directory for users of our hosted pages, our page is not developed to host more than informational data.

This server is a private workspace on a WLAN, the services and cyber property are that of Ecology Crossroads located in Kentucky and the Globcal International Network a decentralized network provider with co-operators and officers in co-located around the world. This server is developed for our global directory needs.

Email Service

The namazon web server does not provide smtp, pop, imap, or web based email services to its users, all email is responsibly handled with Google Enterprise Apps and Gmail services as a global security standard for all Email, Docs, Sites, Forms, Spreadsheets and PDFs. Domain and network users have forwards created that work on Google Gmail Services and can sign into the network transparently by being logged into their Google+ Profile.

For more information contact the webmaster or admin of this site, to the best of our knowledge this is the first and only server base in the Northern Amazon Rainforest. If you arrived at this website because you believe we may be violating your trademarks or rights under a particular jurisdiction with a program or project name please contact our they can assure a cure or remedy.

The preceding information was presented as a matter of courtesy and principles: the information above is subject to change and adaptation as the Internet changes and is updated annually. The organization has already begun to make arrangements to install new servers capable of serving the blockchain.